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ADHD 101

We are here to educate people on ADHD and get them to live their best possible lives.


On ADHD101, we provide you a community of ADHD people where we can freely disseminate ideas and provide insights into your ADHD to make you much higher-functioning.


The purpose of ADHD101 is to serve as a multi-functional hub that provides people with ADHD, every conceivable piece of information to solve ADHD problems and to optimize their existence in every aspect possible.


ADHD101 is also primarily a knowledge hub, where it will be my intention to amass what I call a database of ADHD academic papers, that can freely be read and used towards making decisions and increasing the awareness of scientific studies of ADHD along with anecdotal studies of ADHD that serve the greater ADHD community at large.

ADHD101 shall also provide a basic road-map that I never had and will allow you to have pre-made answers to all possible problems that people with ADHD regularly experience, in terms of

  • ADHD Management,

  • ADHD Addictions,

  • Addiction Management,  

  • ADHD Coaching,

  • Executive-Coaching,

  • Optimized ADHD diet,

  • Impulse Control,

  • ADHD-Divorce Rates,

  • Employment, and much more.

In this sense, ADHD101 will remove a lot of the figuring out process, that I've had to go through and am perpetually going through to figure out the solutions that beckon my existence and your own existence, thereby you will waste significantly less time suffering and more time enjoying an optimized ADHD existence.


Above-all ADHD101, mission shall be a perpetuity beacon towards all research towards ADHD, ADHD problems and shall serve this functional purpose towards providing a permanent solution to ADHD, provide increasingly superior ADHD solutions to ADHD management, promote greater drug therapies that people are not aware and it shall serve this purpose in perpetuity until the war is won forever.



  • no one ever again will have to suffer,

  • will ever have to be fired from 20 jobs,

  • will ever have their lives wasted without knowing why,

  • you won't have to think you're neurotypical when you're not, and

  • you won't have to figure things out on your own,

because everything will be laid out for you, to where you can finally live the life your wanting to live without the expectation of failure.


All my life, all that I've ever wanted to do was live my life on my terms, without something blowing up in my face, without some insanity appearing before me, not that I hate insanity but insanity of outcome that limits my life, therefore I will give you what I never had and in doing so hopefully the world becomes a better place.


One treated ADHD person at a time.

This is the dream and this is what ADHD101 is about.

"Keep going, there is still more work to be done"



ADHD101 is the most comprehensive knowledge hub on the world-wide web, where we will decipher everything ADHD related and provide optimized solutions both in terms of information, social-systems, commercially with ADHD products that meet your needs and allow you to live your best possible life.


ADHD101 is a community of a diverse range of neurodivergent people ranging from autistic people to bipolar people who may share similar congenital conditions or have similar co-morbidities and the ADHD101 community is a comprehensive place that allows you to ask questions on our forum, where you can freely ask your questions and where our ADHD-TRIBE will provide our best possible answers from the experiences that we have accumulated over-time.


ADHD101 also offers coaching from Drew Gonzales who has spent a great deal of his time and concerted effort working towards understanding the nuances of ADHD treatment and will provide you the instructional and emotional reflexive understanding that you need in order to live your best possible life with ADHD101.


ADHD101 also provides a comprehensive data-base of academic studies, that you can reference to for later, which will allow you to gain further insight into your mind and to use that knowledge for to empower yourself as someone with ADHD to live your best possible life.


Above-all, I hope ADHD101 provides living examples of amazing people who are proof that you CAN overcome ADHD and CHANGE who you are, ADHD is not your fate but rather a challenge to be overcome. No one is perfect, but rather it is through a perpetual refinement that we be who it is we wish to become on ADHD101.


I hope ADHD101 meets this mission in as many capacities as possible.


- Drew




You don't have to struggle with ADHD alone. Talk to an ADHD coach today.